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Brightcove's Adam Gerber, VP of Ad Products & Strategy, Writes New Quartely Column for MediaPost

In "Video Vertigo: Dazed but Not Confused," Adam Gerber paints a picture of the rapidly changing media environment:

"Within a decade, and possibly much sooner, such concepts as networks, program schedules, and 'windowed releases' will be things of the past. Consumers will have access to whatever content they want, via any device, through a variety of economic models: ad-supported, subscription, or hybrid. Programmers will benefit by being unshackled from legacy distribution models. Distributors will segue from commodity-driven utilities to intelligent aggregators and personalization engines for consumers, and advertisers will benefit from a more efficient, targetable, and dynamic marketplace."

The bottom line for Adam is that both challenges and opportunities spring from change. How uncertainty and change are managed in this context will determine the degree to which an agency, publisher, or marketing professional is able to harness opportunity.  You can read the full column in MediaPost here.