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Brightcove Illuminates its Ad Strategy

by Kevin Newcomb
November 7, 2005
ClickZ News

A very good article outlining the important themes that compose the Brightcove Internet TV service. Here are a few highlights.

Regarding our focused efforts to innovate in advertising:
"The advertising industry is changing rapidly, and the emergence of Internet TV promises to give agencies and marketers major new opportunities to distribute brand messages and marketing content that engage consumers in ways that are impossible in traditional TV," Allaire said. "The advertising executives [Adam Gerber & Dina Roman] joining the company understand the significance of this transformation, and we are incredibly excited they will be working with us to help lead the development of Internet TV as an effective advertising and marketing platform."
The general service:
[Brightcove] has developed a platform to allow commercial video publishers of all sizes to distribute their video content over the Internet. Smaller publishers can use a self-service interface, while larger ones have access to more advanced tools used by traditional broadcasters. ... Publishers will be able to monetize their content either by selling and serving their own ads, by running ads from Brightcove's ad network, or by selling their content for purchase or subscription.

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