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TV 2.0

Nearly a year since Chris Anderson's seminal Long Tail article, Wired takes on the future of television, or TV 2.0, in its September issue. This includes Internet TV (which is thankfully and accurately distinguished from IPTV), HDTV, IPTV, Cell Phone TV, P2P TV and old-fashioned Streaming. I'm grateful for this issue for two reasons - first, the Brightcove references, natch. Second, although the issue is light on TV 2.0 depth, I finally have something to help my family understand what it is we're doing up here. Reminds me of the first time my name was in print and I sent an issue of NewMedia back to Philly. My father said something like, "we hardly understand a word of it, but at least we know what you're doing now."

Back to the issue.

Jon Stewart’s picture may help sell the magazine (the interview has some good one-liners and little substance), but more interesting are the Yahoo and ESPN pieces.  There’s been a lot of ink already about Yahoo’s Hollywood forays (including the contrast to Google’s “Spock-like gaffe” in dealing with major media). But there's some great insight on the role of video search and rich metadata in those media ambitions. The ESPN piece and BBC sidebar are the highlights of the issue, showing how traditional media is reengineering itself to take advantage of TV 2.0, Web, mobile, podcasts and more.

Thanks for the Brightcove mentions, Wired, but meatier TV 2.0 coverage is happening over at PaidContent. Rafat and Scripps exec Burton Jablin discuss Scripps’ watershed announcement of 10 broadband channels, fragementation of audience and the economics behind the TV 2.0 disruptions.