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Penguin Remixed

Speaking of remix culture and the trend toward user-generated remixed content spanning all forms of media on the Internet, Penguin Books in the UK is currently sponsoring a contest where consumers are invited to download audio clips from 30 popular novels and works, and freely mix these snippets with samples, beats, and loops to create original audio tracks. The available selection ranges from works like "Alice in Wonderland" to "The Great Gatsby," from Wilde to Kerouac. The possibilities!

Of course, copyright laws apply (aside from the clips provided, users can only use audio they have created or have explicit permission to use, at the risk of disqualification). But here is a fantastic instance where a rights-holding entity (from an industry that has traditionally been staunchly resistent to new media, no less) is not seeking to constrain, control, and crush the emergent remix culture on the Internet -- instead, by providing consumers with the very tools for remixing and by rewarding them for their most creative endeavors, Penguin is leveraging the expressive properties of the medium to playfully bring new meaning to classic works, embrace audience participation, and transform the way users consume, interact with, and share content online.

140+ user-created mixes have already been uploaded to the site and are available for others to listen to, rate, and share with friends via email. Not surprisingly, tracks are popping up with titles like "TheWildeOne" and "Gatsby's Folly." Look for the winning entries at the end of July.

Link: Penguin Remixed