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Roll over, Philo

Influential newsletter Release 1.0 leads off in May with, you guessed it, Internet TV. Scott Kirsner leads off with an articulate analysis in "Reinventing TV: Network TV Signs Off. Networked TV Logs On." Microsoft, TiVo, Brightcove and others are featured.

That will change over the next decade, as a growing number of television sets, PCs and mobile devices are connected to what Jeremy Allaire, the founder of Brightcove, has dubbed "the Internet of video." Plugging TV into IP rather than into a terrestrial cable system or a fleet of geosynchronous satellites, could redeem - or at least reinvigorate - the medium. The hermetically sealed world of television is about to be cracked open and rewired, transformed into an open publishing platform as a variety of new devices and services emerge to make independent video content easier - and perhaps even profitable - to produce and distribute to smaller subsets of the population.

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