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Open, Collaborative Media

In anticipation of the upcoming Star Wars release I would like to highlight a recent article in ("Homegrown Star Wars, with big-screen magic intact") on the fan-fiction film "Star Wars: Relevations".

Besides being another good use case on consumer produced media and Remix Culture (ideas, not source material), I found this tidbit quite fascinating.

"Most of this work was done by an ever-changing roster of 30 to 40 volunteers online, drawn from around the world, most of whom Felux [the director] had never met until the first real-world screening of the movie in Baltimore last week."

Beyond looking at Internet TV as an ideal platform for marketing and distribution, it is interesting to think about how the Internet facilitates a distributed and collaborative environment for media production. It won't surprise me to see new "media collectives" modeled after open source projects that form together to put forth a particular view point - be it for entertainment or informational programs. Note the work at TheWeblogProject.

Who will host the "sourceforge" of documentaries? Is this a missing piece to create a platform for citizen's media? How will content creators, directors and producers, with common vision, work together to put forth a story that is important to them?  What tools are required to help manage these create endeavors? Is there a varient of BaseCamp designed specifically for collaborative video projects?

Managing the raw source (notes, scripts, & videos - uncompressed? egads!) of such a project would require a fair amount of heft... maybe this would be a fun side project for a Google engineer. They have a lot of hardware and dark fibre to throw at this type of effort! Refocusing some part of blogger, orkut and the nascent video upload services could provide a compelling collaborative media production service. A nice service project for the world's artists.

Disruptive distribution will likely require an equal revolution in production processes.  With infinite channel capacity, we certainly have a lot of content to create! Like fusion cooking, linking together talented people from across the world will create new and compelling perspectives for us all to enjoy.