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Internet TV vs. Me-Too TV

Karyn, one of our new team members, asked me today to describe the difference between IPTV and what's been described here and elsewhere as Internet TV. Good question. She's definitely not alone. There is and will continue to be much confusion about this emerging duality. We've discussed this previously on this Blog, and Jeremy has been out discussing the value of open platforms. Netflix's Reed Hasting's reinforced Jeremy's comments at yesterday's Stanford Networking Research Symposium on New Media Networks:

Reed Hasting, founder and CEO of Netflix, said the industry had reached a crucial juncture, where it would be choosing between "freedom and control." He said that closed, proprietary TV systems such as those present on cable systems represent control, while open, IP-based networks represent freedom.

Hastings said that the industry will thrive only if multiple access networks develop and service providers pursue innovative products based on open technology. But Hastings said telcos are going down the wrong path if they are out to copy cable offerings:

"The tragedy is that the telcos are going to spend billions of dollars to do me-too TV."

Link: Light Reading - Networking the Telecom Industry.