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Who will watch?

The Washington Post today has another Internet TV roundup. This latest batch seems to have been sparked by Open Media Network. So thanks, Mike and Marc for sharing some of your PR table scraps. :-)

The columnist, Leslie Walker, has a healthy dose of skepticisim for what kinds of niche content might find an audience online. With nary a Long Tail reference, she may be the last technology writer, online or off, to hop on that bandwagon.

Josh Bernoff of Forrester hits the nail on the head in response.

"It is a classic chicken-and-egg thing," said Josh Bernoff, a Forrester analyst. "If they get the content, people will come and use it. And if people come and use it, then folks will want to make their content available on the system."

At least the dialogue has finally moved to what kinds of content will they watch from will they watch. I was still getting that question from many people just a year or two and a few hundred million streams ago on

- EE

Link: Internet TV Age Is Dawning, but Who Will Watch?.