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Video Mashups > Consumer-driven marketing

In response to our posting on NIN releasing GarageBand source, Josh Hawkins discusses the question we posed on the future of video producers releasing their own source material.

"A while ago, Wired had an interesting piece on mashups – remixers merging and melding songs to create new tracks. As a marketing and promotional tool, mashups can be huge. In the not too distant future, I believe we’ll see video producers releasing b roll footage, outtakes, and other cutaways for consumer to use to create and publish their own, personalized commercials – in essence, video mashups. New studies show broadband in 50% of American homes, and with low-cost video production tools and 37% of broadband users already regularly watching online video, it seems like just a matter of time before video mashups emerge as a marketing tactic."

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In many ways this is related to the general trend of consumer-generated brand advertising, as evidenced by the successful Converse Gallery project. We'll see even more interesting experiments in marketing and advertising as Internet TV blossoms.