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The Times sings our tune

Thanks to David Pogue for the Brightcove reference in his blog this week. And if we update the vision piece, we'll be sure to reconsider the monotony of the music. The loop helps speed the download, but it can indeed get repetitive. In the remix we're considering licensing some tunes. Maybe Angelica, by Lamb, a trippy version of DeBussy's Clair de Lune. Quite a nice track actually, but we're open to suggestions.  Either that or I'm just going to bust out some GarageBand.

Be thankful we didn't subject you to the original cut, Mr. Pogue. We were originally going to lay down one of Jeremy's teenage industrial screechfests, but it just didn't go with the animation. That, and we really like our jobs.

Link: The New York Times > Technology > Pogues Posts > The Future of Television?.