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Comments on IPTV vs Internet of Video

Shedman over at Momentshowing has comments on my IPTV vs Internet of Video presentation

Here is Jeremy Allaire talking about video publishing on the web.IPTV vs Internet of VideoHe calls what we do..."the internet of video". (weird name)He calls what CNN/MTV/Sony will do...IPTV."Internet of the Video" is video blogging , or people posting personal videos.IPTV is big companies using the web to push more commercial video content at us.In five years, video will be a normal part of the web experience...but will it be mainly MTV and Fox news videos....or videos that we make for each other?

There are a couple of misunderstandings in the post, worth clarifying here. First off, we are not building a 'box' -- we're building an online service and it will work with a lot of different devices.  Second, and most importantly, the distinction between IPTV and "Internet of Video" is mostly a comparison between the emerging Telco-based video initiatives (read: digital cable/satellite replacement over fiber) and a more open, internet-based approach to video publishing and distribution.  It's not a comparison between "big company publishing" and "videoblogging".  It our belief and focus to enable publishers of all sizes (from MTV down to garage-band, so to speak) to use Internet Television as a platform.

Anyway, I should probably re-record and re-title the presentation as "Telco TV versus Internet Television".