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CNET - "Me TV"

CNET is releasing a series of articles focused on how the television and video industry is changing. For those eager to learn about a number of dynamics that play within this market, these pieces should offer great background information. The articles will be released over the next few days.

Day 1 (Monday, April 11): "Finally, you are in control"

  • All shows, all the time
    Broadcast and cable networks lose ability to dictate programming as public adopts peer-to-peer technology.
  • Underground television
    Countering busy schedules, TiVo offshoots enable people to view content at their personal convenience.
  • New business on demand
    Wireless technologies could enable custom viewing on handhelds, notebooks and other non-TV devices.

Day 2 (Tuesday, April 12): "What and when to buy"

  • Couch potato confusion
    Flat screens are growing in popularity and size every day, and prices are all over the map. What's the deal?
  • Turbulence in airwaves
    With HDTV on horizon, an expensive, high-end TV on the market today might become obsolete tomorrow.
  • TV hub of home media
    Depending on preferences, assembling interactive video, music and game systems can take myriad forms.

Day 3 (Wednesday, April 13): "Three digital trailblazers"

  • NASCAR's interactive content
    Putting fans in the driver's seat, covering races via satellite radio and HDTV are among ways it's pulling ahead.
  • BBC's model for broadcast
    Despite its age, institution is on forefront of radical changes such as massive archiving for on-demand use.
  • Nike's ad race
    If any company can successfully blur the lines between advertising, content and hardware branding, it's Nike.

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