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Beyond Entertainment

We find video to be an interesting medium because of the wide diversity of content that is available. Unlike music/audio, which typically centers around entertainment value, there is a wider distribution available across all genres of video. With increasing media control falling into the hands of viewers, Brightcove believes that people will increasingly expect video availability to parallel the diversity of content we currently find in the "text web."

Using a simple, local example: Harvard Business School might be interested in capturing a CEO symposium series and offering them world-wide. The audience for such content is relatively small, but to the right people, the value is likely very high.

B2B media companies are also beginning to understand how alternative forms of packaging and distribution can extract further value from their assets. This article discusses how businesses are beginning understand that "extracting ancillary revenue has shifted from a luxury to a necessity." Though many examples are related to print and data, there will be continued progress toward leveraging other media forms.

Citing one example - I don't know if it really makes sense for Cygnus Business Media to invest in building a new "cable TV program" based on their Firehouse brand. They might get a quick win by licensing their brand and content, but they will loose out on the margin they could extract. By leveraging the Internet, with relatively minimum investment, they could provide an Internet Television channel that brings compelling content to their targeted audience.

Watching LOTR on your PC does not make a great experience, but accessing content related to your business or some other topic seems very natural. When we think about The Video Internet, we need to think beyond entertainment.