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Longhorn and Hardware-based DRM

Link: The Broadcast Flag is Nothing Compared to What Microsoft Has in the Works for DRM.

For people who've been obsessed with issues surrounding the broadcast flag on HDTV content, things are about to get even more difficult. Heise Online is reporting that the next version of Windows will have extra-strength DRM capabilities tied into PC hardware. The move by Microsoft is to assure content producers that products they release will be protected against unauthorized copying and distribution when used on a PC.

eHomeUpgrade picks up discussion on forthcoming hardware-based DRM systems that Microsoft and the PC industry are putting in place for the next release of Windows.  For hollywood content, they are clearly looking for a "magic bullet" to ease security concerns, and a hardware lock-down is part of the equation.  We're not convinced that this is the end of the world as we know it --- content publishers that want to distribute unprotected content have every right and ability to do so, and DRM systems can also put into place copy-mechanisms that provide consumers with fair use in terms of viewing on multiple machines or making copies across devices.