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Long Tail vs. Lessig

by Chris Anderson
27 February 2005

"Many of those extracting new value from old content are not the original creators or rights-holders. Some of them are repurposing older material, and others are aggregators who have found ways to find new markets for material that's fallen beneath the commercial radar. Either way, they typically aren't the original record label, film studio, publishing house, TV production company or any of the other names that might be on the copyright declaration. They are
someone else, probably someone entirely unexpected. This is, after all, the dawn of Remix Culture."

Chris is at it again with another installment in the Long Tail series. Though merely a tangental point to his article, it is interesting to ponder the "Remix Culture" powered by low-cost production tools. As artists, authors and creators start to put their faith in the Creative Commons, will this kick start a new wave of inspired creation?

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