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Long Tail drinking game?

Chris Anderson should be proud. You are truly surfing the zeitgeist when you get your own drinking game. The whole Long Tail thing has reached such a fever pitch that people are extending the concept to apply to an incredibly wide variety of new businesses: audio, of course, software, events, little search engines, and, um, new-school video distribution.  Hey, it's the Long Tail of long tail business plans.

What has been fun to watch is the all-too-familiar pattern of catch-phrase adoption:

  • A unique feature of a new product or service is core to defining its success. Push/Pointcast. P2P/Napster.
  • Media gives this a name. Push, P2P, Portal. Sometimes the names don't start with a 'P'. Social networking, for instance.
  • Some companies retrofit their product or service to fit the new trend. Years ago there was a personal portal service called Octopus which hopped on the P2P bandwagon, changed all of its PR and marketing, seemingly overnight. It was an amazing thing to behold.
  • Many new companies are created to capitalize on the trend.

Not criticizing. People in glass houses....

Just an interesting pattern. It is ironic that in this case, so many have glommed on to a single catch phrase conceived to describe the broadest diversity.

Link: The PC Forum Long Tail Drinking game…