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Net entrepreneur Allaire to unveil video-download company

by Hiawatha Bray, Boston Globe
28 February 2005

"Cambridge entrepreneur Jeremy Allaire, whose Cold Fusion software became a standard tool for website development in the 1990s, is unveiling a company that he hopes will make Internet movie downloads a standard feature on home TV sets. 'We're going to build a service that marries what the Internet does really well, with television,' said Allaire about his new venture.... The Brightcove business model is different from that of rivals like Akimbo Systems and Dave Networks Inc., which provide their own set-top devices for capturing and playing back the videos.... Esther Dyson, editor of the technology newsletter Release 1.0, is impressed with the Brightcove concept. 'I think it's brilliant,' said Dyson. She compared it to the way lets independent business people sell their products on their own websites by linking to the Amazon network."

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