10 Interactive Video Stats for B2B Marketers

Marketing 3/18/2016

Online video is one of the best ways to keep an audience engaged: a study by Celtra found 47% of viewers watch a video all the way through.

But that’s still 53% of viewers dropping off before they’ve heard all you have to say – and Visible Measures found 33% of those drop-offs happen in the first 30 seconds.

Online video platforms such as Video Cloud give you insight into how much of your video each user watches. What if you could take those drop-off points and add in interactive elements? Just as your viewer is getting ready to click away, they’re presented with a prompt to test their knowledge or share their opinion – enticing them to stick around.

Interactive video is an emerging content format, but one that B2B marketers would be well-served to explore. Brightcove and DemandMetric teamed up to survey more than 500 marketers about their use of interactive video. Their interactive video report suggests this is an ideal time to break into interactive video. It’s an opportunity for marketers to turn engagement into results: 35% of marketers using interactive video extensively saw increased conversions, and 25% saw increased sales.

Get ahead of the curve and try interactive video – read through this interactive gifographic to learn more.