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Brightcove Audience Video Marketing Automation Platform
Brightcove Audience Video Marketing Automation Platform

Convert with Video & Marketing Automation

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Connect video analytics from Brightcove to your marketing automation platform for powerful marketing results.

Drive marketing results with video marketing automation

Video, unlike most other media, allows you to know exactly how much of your message viewers have consumed. With just a few clicks, connect Audience to your marketing automation platform or Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and automatically attach detailed viewership data to the contacts in your database.
  • Track individual behavior and engagement
  • Capture leads with forms
  • Segment and score leads
  • Generate personalized follow ups

Leverage existing marketing automation solutions

Brightcove Audience makes it easy to integrate with the marketing automation and CRM platforms you already use. Drive marketing messages that are relevant to your target audiences, enable your sales team and measure the ROI of your campaigns with precision.

Close business faster

Increase the size and quality of your database by displaying lead capture forms in your video player. Track your leads’ video viewing behavior in your CRM and inform your sales teams of prospect and customer activity so they can reach out at the right time with a deep understanding of their contact’s needs.
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