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With the most powerful online video platform in the world.

Engage your audiences. Monetize your content. Convert your prospects. And grow your business with industry-leading reliability, scalability, and security.

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One video platform to reach all your business goals.

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Engage your audiences

Video is the best tool for attracting and retaining talent, engaging your workforce, and strengthening your culture.

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Sell more products

In a marketplace that grows more crowded by the day, video cuts through the noise — from awareness all the way to retention.

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Monetize your content

Creating compelling content takes time, money, and effort – so it has to drive revenue.

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Engage audiences like never before.

Give your viewers an experience that’s just like their favorite streaming platform and they’ll binge your content too. You can, with Brightcove CorpTV.

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Our video platform has won two Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards. And the trust of the world’s biggest brands.

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"Delivering high-quality content reliably is critical for our business. Our partnership with Brightcove has been extremely beneficial for us as we continue to grow the business and evolve our product."

Mandar Bapaye,

MasterClass Vice President of Engineering

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“From a technical point of view, Brightcove was the only platform we could have used to help us realize our vision.”

Teresa Pappas,

SXSW Senior Innovation Project Manager

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"We need the best technology to serve our goals. We chose Brightcove video because we won’t have the pitfalls with our user experience that we had in the past. A lot of technology providers can’t make the commitments that Brightcove video can make."

Damian Pelliccione,

Revry CEO and Co-Founder

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You can do a lot with video. So we can do a lot with video.


Live events, new product announcements, demos and reviews – video’s marketing versatility is limited only by your imagination. Your brand is ready for its close-up. Don’t just “market” it; make it irresistible.

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Want a product to fly off the shelves? Make it easy to buy. With shoppable video, viewers can make a purchase right from the video itself. Take them straight from “I like that!” to “I bought that!”

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Internal comms

Did you know that people retain about 10% of what they read as text compared to 95% of what they watch on video? Think about that while you write your next company-wide email. Then transform your internal comms with the Brightcove video platform.

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Media and broadcasting

For media organizations, content may be king, but your viewer experience is surely queen. From super-fast load times to playback perfection, with the Brightcove video platform, nothing comes between breathtaking video and your audience.

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Arts and entertainment

Shakespeare wrote that “all the world’s a stage,” and a few hundred years later, it really is. Thanks to video, arts organizations can deliver live and on-demand concerts, plays, and performances of all kinds to fans and patrons all over the world.

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Bring sports fans everywhere to your stadium on game day—not to mention in the locker room, in the meeting room, and even at home with their favorite athletes. To create the connections sports fans crave, the Brightcove video platform tilts the playing field in your favor.

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Powerful content deserves an equally powerful platform.

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Your video has to work every time someone presses play

Audiences have so many choices these days that they have zero patience for glitchy video. Brightcove has the best reliability numbers in the industry (how does 99.99% uptime sound?) so your viewers will have the best experience.

Here’s a look at how Brightcove does it.

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Large audiences should have you exchanging high fives, not nervous glances

You’re hosting an event and the audience numbers are skyrocketing. But instead of enjoying it, you’re on the edge of your seat waiting for your video platform to crash. Unless you’re using the Brightcove platform – it scales effortlessly to accommodate even millions of viewers. With Brightcove, your dream scenario can’t turn into a nightmare.

Read about an event scaled from 2,500 attendees to 92,000.

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Who can’t see your content is every bit as important as who can

Whether it’s a subscriber giving out his login credentials or a competitor hiding in the audience at your quarterly all-hands meeting, unauthorized viewers can do a lot of damage. So our video platform has single sign-on, token authentication, geo and IP restrictions, and other powerful security protocols built in to keep prying eyes out.

And the winner is… the Oscars, for keeping the biggest films of the year safe and secure.

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Read why over 1000 e-commerce shoppers said they rely on video to help them make purchase decisions.

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Reach The World: How To Grow And Retain Your Streaming Audience

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