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Michael Loria

By Michael Loria

Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at Brightcove

Video Streaming and the Future of the Entertainment Industry

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the most influential tech event in the world, gathering attendees from across the globe to showcase the latest and greatest in technology insights and innovation. This year’s event included a focus on the rapidly changing world of entertainment, and because video plays a key role in the way that we now experience everything from films to concerts to sports, Brightcove is ready to help the entertainment industry transform like never before.

Here are some major highlights from this year’s CES event, which featured executives from WarnerMedia, SpringHill Entertainment, Nike, General Motors, and more.


Entertaining audiences, whether it’s through films, sports, or other content, is something that has always needed to change with the times. But today, as we begin 2021, the changes are coming fast and furious and often result in a huge—if not total—transformation in the way that audiences are reached.

SpringHill Entertainment, the production company created by LeBron James and Maverick Carter, acknowledged at CES that the pipelines of distribution are now the main focus. Viewers will ask, “which streaming service will I choose to watch my movies? My sports?” That makes it necessary to focus deeply on engaging consumers and keep them connected to a brand. Nike echoed similar thoughts, emphasizing the importance of finding new creators and avenues to constantly build out content, delivering it fast while monitoring feedback.


The pandemic was certainly a catalyst for the rise of streaming across the world, but providers of entertainment and content now see streaming as an indispensable asset. And why not? Once you think beyond the limitations of a physical location, it’s exciting to imagine how streaming can connect with audiences across the world while offering viewing experiences that truly innovate and engage.

DC Fandom, the powerful virtual event platform created by DC Comics, thrilled over 22 million viewers at its recent virtual event. And major film studios, such as WarnerMedia, are releasing first-run content through streaming services, doing away with the traditional “opening box office numbers” as they change the way they evaluate a film’s success.


Consumers know that they can easily access fantastic viewing experiences, so as time goes on, they’ll just expect these experiences to become more and more amazing. Already, with the increased number of people staying at home, the sales of computing and smart home devices has taken a big leap. As those devices embrace new enhancements in design and aesthetics, we’re also seeing rapid changes in platforms, streaming services, and other technology.

Altogether, it’s focused on giving the viewer a no-holds-barred seamless viewing experience. And whether it’s entertainment, cloud services, digital health, or 5G connectivity, consumers will continue to have a demanding relationship with their screens that insists on the best with absolutely no patience for a less-than performance.


With the continued evolution of the entertainment industry driven by video, Brightcove is ideally positioned to power this expansion while paving the way for the best and brightest video innovations that will delight audiences and build brands across the world.

Our passion lies in our ability to push video beyond every expectation, and we look at 2021 and beyond as the latest step in our exciting journey to showcase the potential of this truly amazing storytelling medium. If we can help you tell your story, build a brand, or reach new audiences, please get in touch and see why Brightcove is video that means business.

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