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By Jeff Whatcott

at Brightcove

Integrating Video with Your Website CMS

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Content marketing is quickly becoming the focal point of many communications strategies, helping organizations to build their brand, increase social interactions and grow their business. To appreciate the emphasis that organizations are placing on content as part of their marketing strategies, look no further than Chief Marketer’s annual Interactive Marketing Survey of more than 1,000 marketing professionals on the tools they are using to drive Website engagement, which reported that almost half of all respondents are increasing the amount of fresh content they are adding directly to their Websites.

Video is a major piece of the content marketing puzzle with its ability to tell stories, generate exceptional engagement and deliver a rich customer experience. As media publishers and marketers work to expand the role of video in their content mix, it has become increasingly important to be able to manage and optimize the video experiences they are delivering.

Content management systems (CMS) give website publishers greater control over their content mix with more personalized experiences and a wider range of content to drive visitor engagement, conversions and return visits. By integrating video with the broader website content management strategy, organizations can draw on the full range of content creation, management, and optimization tools to make video a seamless and highly effective part of the online experiences they deliver.

In this month’s Bright Ideas video, I’m joined by Shiri Friedman, Brightcove’s manager of technology partnerships, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of integrating video with your website and customer experience management strategy. We also sat down with two of our CMS partners, Ektron and Sitecore, to get their thoughts on the importance of video working seamlessly with their CMS platforms.


To learn more about this topic, I encourage you to download our free whitepaper, “Integrating Video with Your Customer Experience Management Strategy”.

You can also attend our special webinar series to learn more about our partnerships and integrations with leading CMS providers:

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