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By Kellie Borrero

Product Manager at Brightcove

Integrate Video Into Your Email Campaigns Using the Media Module

Tech Talk

Adding video to your emails has proven to increase both open and click-through rates. Video Cloud now allows you to quickly and easily create emails featuring compelling video images. In the Media Module, you can create a poster image of your video with a play button overlay that is ready to copy and paste into your email message. By default the image links directly to a landing page, complete with an embedded player for a best-practice video email experience. You can also swap out the URL for a direct link to a page on your own site with your player embedded, or to a video within your custom Brightcove Gallery site or landing page.

Start using this feature today in the Media Module! Here’s how:

  1. Open the Media module
  2. Select a video
  3. Click Publish -> Email
  4. Select a video player.
    If you select an Audience enabled player, you will get all the benefits of email campaign tracking that come along with the Brightcove Audience product.
  5. Below the video poster, the option to Autoplay the video can be set.
    We recommend setting autoplay to Yes so that the video starts to play as soon as the viewer clicks the poster image in the email and the player loads.
  6. Highlight the image and then copy it to the clipboard. 
    The poster image will be sized to 640 x 360 but you can resize this within your email client to any size you may want (see example poster image with play button overlay below.)
  7. Paste into your email message.

When the email is received, clicking on the poster image will open the video in a new browser tab. Here is an example of what the poster image looks like with the play button overlay and a link to the landing page.


If you don’t want to send your email with the poster/play button image, you may still want to take advantage of part of this feature. Many publishers like to share URLs to videos for internal review in a quick email or chat. The Brightcove player URL from the Publish -> Web modal can be used for this purpose. However, if you’d prefer to send a link to a landing page where the player is embedded in the center of the page rather than the full-screen player view, you can use this feature to do just that. Instead of copying the poster/play button image, just right-click on the image and copy the URL from the publishing modal. Soon we will be adding a feature to generate a short URL to the landing page from this modal as well. More on that coming soon!

For more information on this feature, check out our support documentation site here.

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