Get prepped for CES

Neues von Brightcove

The annual CES conference gathers industry leaders and innovators from around the world to discuss the latest consumer technology. Since the inaugural event in June 1967, thousands of exciting new products have been announced at the show. In recent years, CES has covered everything from advancements in 4K and OTT to smart homes and the latest and greatest consumer electronics.

This year’s Las Vegas event is scheduled to take place from January 8 through 11. So, what can you expect to see while you’re there? Here’s our guide to a few of the most exciting CES topic tracks (and some reading you can do in preparation):

5G, Connectivity, and mobility track

This track will include sessions on 5G innovations, the associated impact on content companies, edge computing, cloud-based video game streaming, and more. Prep yourself for the 5G and mobile-focused conversation by reading:

Digital Hollywood track

This track will include sessions on the AR/VR/MR industries, brand marketing, OTT, contextual advertising, and more. Get prepped for discussions surrounding the latest breakthroughs in 24/7 media by reading:

HighTech retailing track

This track will include sessions on shopping using AR and VR, the top technologies that are transforming the retail industry, building the retail ecosystem, and more. Prep yourself for conversations surrounding shopping technology by reading:

No matter which sessions you choose to attend, we hope you have the chance to take part in some engaging discussions at CES 2019. The team here at Brightcove can’t wait to see which exciting new products and advancements will be announced at this year’s show.