Five Essential Video Marketing Questions from PLAY Studio

Neues von Brightcove

Content Marketing World was a great time this year as always—and our Brightcove PLAY Studio was full of engaged, passionate video marketers. I'm waving a virtual “hello” to all those wonderful people who attended.

Throughout our five-hour workshop, I noticed that some questions popped up again and again. It seems that in the world of video marketing, everyone is facing the same challenges. Now back in Boston, I’ve had some time to dig into the most persistent questions and want to share them with all of you who could not attend our PLAY Studio event. So, here it goes:

How do I align stakeholders and publish video content consistently and efficiently, without overwhelming my video team?

Phew…This is a pickle. Aligning stakeholders is one of the issues that comes up again and again and again (and one more time AGAIN). The secret to getting everyone on the same page, while turning your video team into a well-oiled, highly-productive machine, is in your video production workflow. Is yours holding you back? Revamp your workflow so that you can start producing videos on a much bigger scale, without scaling up your video team or overwhelming them.

Speaking of video teams, what is the advantage of having one in-house vs. outsourcing video production to the pros?

In-house video production isn’t for everyone—but for some companies, it’s absolutely worthwhile. Depending on your video plans, that is. Go behind-the-scenes and see how we made the call here at Brightcove.

How much does it cost to create good videos in-house?

Not as much as you think. The truth is, every company is going to have a different video marketing budget, so there’s no one-size-fits-all price tag. But that’s a good thing—it means that your budget doesn’t need to be an obstacle. Our friend Chad Lakin, from Shootsta, has the secrets to maximizing your video budget, no matter how big or small it might be.

What are some of your favorite tricks for shooting and editing video on an iPhone?

What? You want to use that tool in the back of your pants pocket? Applause! I am a big fan of keeping it real, and going the iPhone route fits that bill. But if you’re going to shoot and edit video on your iPhone, there are a few tricks to making your videos look a little more professional than your average Instagram Story. In this video from PLAY Studio, Mykim Dang walks us through two of her favorite apps for shooting and editing on her iPhone: VidLab and Legend.

Ready to move up from the iPhone and take your video production to the next level? Build out your equipment set-up using this guide.

We’re working on a video strategy. Can we approach it the same way we think about content strategy?

Sure—video is a type of content, after all! But there are a few key questions your team needs to answer in order to build an effective video strategy that makes the work worthwhile. And once you’ve laid a strong foundation for your strategy, these are the signature videos you can start with.

Have more questions about video marketing, video production, video workflow, video strategy and more? Sounds like you need to join us at PLAY. We’ll be talking to industry leaders, from executives to influencers, about every video question and innovation you can imagine—and some you haven’t even dreamed up yet.