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By Britta Schellenberg

Senior Director of Global Program Management and Localization at Brightcove

Cameron Church on Video Header Bidding and Trends in Ad-Supported Video

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Couldn’t be at #PLAY2018? Our #REPLAY series will cover themes and highlights from this year’s event. Catch up on all the takeaways we learned from our amazing group of presenters and attendees, and find out how you can apply these tips to your next video initiative.

Cameron Church is all about making ad monetization simple, point blank. As founder of the London-based company Watching That, he’s made an entire career out of taking inefficiency out of ad tech.

“What we essentially do is connect what are currently disconnected piles of data from your ad server and various sources across the organization into one unified view,” says Church. “So you get a lot more intelligence—the sum greater than its parts.”

Not only does Watching That’s data intelligence platform help digital media publishers get a holistic view of video ad data; it also allows users to pinpoint critical issues in need of attention. For example, in a recent case study, Watching That was able to help one of its customers double their ad fill rate by analyzing a collective pool of raw, unprocessed data. “That was really done by turning on a light in a very dark room, seeing where all the issues were, and then just refocusing efforts on solving those issues,” Church says.

And since his finger is always on the pulse of all things ad tech, Church chatted with us about current trends, possible implications, and future predictions for video media ad monetization.

Watch the video above and listen as Church talks header bidding, Google’s Exchange Bidding Dynamic Allocation (EBDA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and how digital media publishers plan to differentiate themselves to increase ad revenue opportunity.


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