Amp Up the Brightcove Player with Google AMP: Faster Mobile Pages and Better Consumer Experience

Neues von Brightcove

The Brightcove Player, a fast-loading HTML5 video player that is optimized for the mobile Web, now works with Google’s AMP.

The Problem of Slow-Loading Mobile Web

Many websites have become cluttered with JavaScript components that delay the loading process and make their pages hard to use on mobile devices. This problem - slow page load - impacts the viewing experience for our customers’ users and is one motivator for our aggressive migration to HTML5 playback technologies. We continue to innovate around updates for the Brightcove Player to make it load fast and to provide an optimal experience across devices and are excited to be on the leading edge of support for Google’s AMP project.

What is AMP?

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a new specification for publishers to serve consumers fast loading pages on the mobile web by controlling the way page elements load. AMP accelerates page load by only executing portions of the page when they come into view or are clicked by the user.

Brightcove AMP Integration

To ensure Brightcove Players also load quickly under the new AMP spec, we've created a Brightcove Player component for AMP HTML. This allows customers to benefit from the control, performance, and advertising and analytics integrations that have made the Brightcove Player the industry leader, in concert with the additional performance boost of AMP. We look forward to continued collaboration with Google with respect to the evolution of the AMP initiative and the Brightcove Player component.

Try It Out!

To learn how to use the AMP embed code for the Brightcove Player and to see an example of our player running on an AMP page, check out this link prepared by Ben Clifford, one of our developers.