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By Lauren Barry

Product Marketing Manager at Brightcove

3 Reasons why brands need to live stream on social media

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In the past few years, the evolution of video on social channels has skyrocketed. We started with only being able to host videos on YouTube with no live streaming capabilities at all. Now, not only can we can post videos to every social network, but we can live stream to almost all of them.  In fact, according to CMSCMedia’s Social Media Trends to Watch and Capitalize on in 2019 report, video accounts for 85% of total internet traffic in 2019 so far, with the live streaming market expected to double by 2021. Live streaming to your brand’s social profiles is incredibly powerful and here’s three reasons why you should start now.

1. Live streaming on social media expands audience reach

Each social channel has a unique audience. Twitter is the go-to place to see real-time content, whether it is breaking news or a great moment in sports. Live streaming to Twitter captures the audience that wants to get the most timely information. Facebook is where viewers go to connect with brands, friends, and family. When streaming to Facebook, you’ll capture an audience who is looking to engage with you and your brand directly. And finally, YouTube is where many viewers go for long-form content. From how-to pieces to chaptered stories, YouTube is the platform for learning new skills and product enhancements.

2. It enhances brand awareness

A natural benefit of expanding your audience reach across the various social platforms is that your brand will reach new people. In addition,  Live streaming to social channels brings a sense of authenticity to your brand. Anything can happen when you’re live, giving your audience a reason to tune in and a sense that they’re watching real people.

3. It builds unique content

Building unique content is a personal favorite of mine. By live streaming to social channels, you build new video assets that you can use again once the event is complete. For our recent Live to Social launch at NAB, we did seven show floor interviews live on Facebook, including two interviews with Brightcove Partners, four separate interviews with Brightcove’s C-Level staff, and Product Managers. Because we covered the evolution of video and where we think it will go in the future—a topic that’s timely and evergreen—we can use that content in future campaigns. In fact, you can check out our Live from NAB Showfloor videos on-demand now, in Brightcove’s NAB Facebook Live playlist.

By now, you should be convinced that live streaming is the next wave of social marketing. Already a Brightcove Live user? Click here to learn how to start streaming live to Facebook right from your Brightcove dashboard. Learn more about Brightcove Live by clicking here.

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