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Watching That

Watching That make every video count

Our video intelligence platform uncovers the missed opportunities that are impacting your video advertising revenue.  Where 50% of ad opportunities go unfilled is your video business maximising return on effort?

  • Too much data from different sources makes it hard to identify priorities.
  • Traditional error reporting doesn’t help solve the issues or prevent them from recurring.

  • Without real-time reporting, simple - yet costly - issues can needlessly waste advertising revenue.

Software that pays for itself.

  • A single analytics platform to unify fragmented data

  • Understand which partner relationships are really working for your business

  • Get detailed context when errors occur

  • Pinpoint the content and channels that hold the greatest monetisation potential

Easy set up.  One Script, No hassle.

Watching That’s integration with the Brightcove Player, iOS SDK, Android SDK and SSAI is easy to implement and can take as little as 15 minutes to deploy.