Smartag LLC

Smartag - corporate cloud service for interactive video production. Interactive video is the native way for video consumption on personal screens. Technology connects moving elements with text, graphics or any other video content that can be accessed by touching or click a smart tag on the screen.

Smartag interactive video technology provides additional information in the form of text, video, photographs and infographics. Tags pop up on the screen at certain moments as a video is being played, and activating them releases additional multi-media content.

The hyperlink video technology is several years old, but Smartag have managed to solve the two main problems that hampered the use of interactive videos on a regular basis, as opposed to a project basis. First, there is a one-click merging of videos and other content, which speeds up and facilitates editing. Therefore, by simplifying video content tagging, Smartag is now within the reach of major media companies for use in real time. Second, the platform is flexible and makes it possible to show any text, graphic or video content, if a user decides to interact with the smart tag.

Features and Benefits

Most online video production is oriented toward those who prefer short and dynamic videos. Smartag provides opportunities to do longer stories with all sorts of digressions. This is convenient for viewers – they choose what they are really interested in.

Smartag interactive video technology also adds creativity to video production: video creators are able to fantasize, put together non-linear scenarios and experiment with editing. Current customers are confident that Smartag interactive video technology has a lot of potential and will attract creative people wishing to try their hand at new forms of presenting their creative material.

Integration Overview

Use ‘brightcove:playerID:videoID’ as your video source, where playerID is your Brightcove skinless player and videoID is the video you would like to overlay.

Smartag has been designed to support small and large businesses and as such we have clients paying as little as $500 per month and clients paying up to $12,000 per month.