Pigeonhole Live

Pigeonhole Live is the live audience engagement tool that’s radically changing the way Fortune 500 companies, organisations, and education institutions engage with their audiences. It powers Live Q&A, Live Polls, and Surveys for events of any size, on any web browser.

Pigeonhole Live is easy to set up, and even easier for your audience to participate from their own smart devices. There is no need for any downloads or installations: your audience simply goes to and enters your event passcode.

The platform is used for real-time engagement at webinars and teleconferences, at internal events such as town halls, staff meetings, sales kick-offs, and all-hands. It is also used at external events including conferences, seminars, public forums, and customer engagement events.

Features and Benefits

Add Live Q&A to video

Live Q&A elevates your video streaming to a memorable interactive experience for your audience, and stretches your event ROI with actionable audience insights. 

  • With Pigeonhole Live, your audience can submit questions while watching your on-demand video or live stream, right from the same page. The questions submitted can be filtered or displayed in real-time.
  • Once the questions have been approved, your audience can see the questions that have been submitted by others. They can then vote on those they are interested in. This helps you identify the most popular questions, to drive a more time-efficient and engaging live Q&A that caters exactly to your audience’s interest. 
  • For greater interactivity among your audience, you can also enable the Comments feature to help facilitate chat-like discussions that are focused around questions.
  • All engagement activity including questions, votes, and comments are compiled in a downloadable report. This provides you with important and actionable insights for any post-event follow ups.

    Run Live Polls for Instant Engagement

Make use of unlimited Multiple-Choice Polls, Correct Answer Polls, Open-Text Polls, and Word Cloud Polls to enhance your online event experience. Get creative with Live Polls to capture immediately the audience insights you need. 

  • With Live Polls you can push via Pigeonhole’s web-app notifications, easily collect a demographic profile of your online audience with the right Poll questions. 
  • For real-time excitement, get instant Poll votes on audience consensus and display the live results on a beautiful chart.
  • Quiz your audience to gauge their levels of understanding, and reveal the correct answer at your own pace.

    Interactive Agenda and Custom Branding

Organise your on-demand or livestream videos using Pigeonhole Live’s Interactive Agenda for a better user experience. 

  • Organise your videos on an agenda page that is simple and intuitive. 
  • On your agenda, add key information such as Speaker Profiles, descriptions, and session timings to give your audience more context.
  • Make the online event your own by custom branding the user interfaces with your corporate colours and logo.

Brightcove Integration is available on the Enterprise Plan (unlimited Pigeonhole usage for one year).

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