OpenX’s unique platform combines ad serving, a real-time bidding (RTB) exchange, yield optimization, and content valuation to deliver the highest revenue across every desktop, tablet, and mobile screen. 96% of top 100 brand advertisers and 58% of comScore 100 publishers work with OpenX, conducting 250 billion monthly transactions with 12 billion daily bids from buyers.

Through Brightcove's partnership with OpenX, Brightcove publishers are now able to easily monetize their video content with ads trafficked via OpenX. OpenX provides ad serving technology to manage, target, serve and report on all of your online advertising, including video ads. The OpenX platform is compliant with IAB's VAST standard and supports both inline video ads (pre, mid, post-rolls) as well as overlay video ads (text and graphical). With the Brightcove integration, you can now display these ads seamlessly in the Brightcove player, without any additional code.

OpenX Ad Server is a paid solution that provides companies with world-class, robust ad serving functionality backed by OpenX support and services. It integrates seamlessly with Brightcove to enable you to meet all of your video advertising needs while continuing to manage and play your video content on the Brightcove player. For more information on OpenX products and services, visit

Features & Benefits

  • Easily manage your pre, mid, post-rolls and overlays with OpenX in the same way you would use OpenX to manage all of your display advertising.
  • Schedule and deliver ads to your Brightcove player seamlessly, without manipulating any code.
  • Target the delivery of your video ads according to specific criteria (such as geo and site-related information).
  • Analyze your video ad performance using out-of-the-box reports that track all standard IAB VAST video events (such as quartile views, pauses, mutes, fullscreens).
  • Receive 24/7 support for your ad serving needs from OpenX support and services.

  • OpenX Ad Server - Scalable, world-class ad serving platform backed by OpenX services and support. Pricing model: Monthly fee for a base number of monthly ad impressions plus a CPM on additional volume.
  • Contact OpenX for details.
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