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Next Screen Media

Next Screen Media is a digital media agency focused on helping brands connect with their customers through beautiful web and mobile design, development, strategy and marketing. As a well-rounded strategy, design and technology team with a deep understanding of the web and mobile landscape; we stay on top of emerging trends and at the forefront of innovation.

We believe in rapid results, competent professionalism, technical know-how, a focus on usability, and expertise in SEO, web design and development, social media and mobile technology. We are passionate about all things technology, innovation and creating meaningful value for our clients and partners.

Next Screen Media specializes in building video-centric solutions for our clients. We have experience in the following integration points with Brightcove -

- Drupal / Brightcove module integration for Web Development
- Brightcove iOS SDK for iOS mobile application with Brightcove video integration
- Brightcove Android SDK for Android mobile application with Brightcove video integration
- Roku and Google TV channel development, through custom use of Brightcove playlists and MRSS feeds.
- Integration of Brightcove and Invideous for pay-per-view & subscription revenue setup to monetize video.

We are consistently looking to create new and innovative solutions for our customers, and look forward to working in partnership with Brightcove to continue to delight our customers.