Multiview Media Limited

Multiview Media Limited is a London-based digital content delivery platform that allows fans to be the director. It was formed in December 2018 by two Northampton-based cofounders with experience in music, education, and technology. The multi-camera angle platform allows users to switch between cameras for historic content or live stream. Embedding brands in all camera angles to increase ROI. To improve the revenue shares offered to content holders. Working across music, sport, esports, education, and worship. Launching “the jumbotron in your hand” for onsite fans to engage with the action. The aim being to provide an accessible, affordable, and interactive alternative to current digital content providers. To provide low cost, fast delivery, and a large variety of content in a multi-angle format. Featured at CES 2021 and announced at London tech week as Createch “one to watch”. Advisors include ex-Director of Apple and ex-CTO of Universal.

Brightcove Partnership

Brightcove offers a seamless end-to-end solution for multi-angle content. Using Multiview Media's unique synchronisation process and multi-angle process to deliver a multi-angle experience to the end user.

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