Kerv Interactive

Company Overview

Kerv’s proprietary, patented technology represents a new approach to the Advertising industry, one that focuses on images and objects within content pieces, video/display advertising assets, etc. and makes those items interactive and able to be optimized against individually.

Kerv’s technology delivers its clients the ability to offer consumers a more enriched and more personalized ad experience where consumers will have the ability to access (i.e., click-on) a featured object(s) at any point of an ad play to obtain information about that particular object. The number of unique objects and clickouts in any video format are endless, although we have best practices to support the decision making. This flexibility is unprecedented, and Kerv is uniquely positioned to provide its clients 1st-party data feedback on the object/scene-level by user due to the internal infrastructure and partnerships that have been established.

Product Overview

Kerv’s patent-protected technology is designed to capture and analyze all of the pixels within a video asset, and identify specific objects which are outlined through those same pixels. Since our solution operates at the pixel-level of a digital asset, we can identify multiple objects in a single frame, when relevant, for unique and individual interactions.

Moreover, our solution features a unique tool known as the ‘Carousel’ which sits adjacent to the Kerv video player and auto-populates scenes from the featured video asset to drive even more user adoption and interaction. In fact, clients even have the option of populating the Carousel with different, customized, synergistic content to create a more meaningful user experience with the digital asset.

Other unique feature offerings available on the player include custom Roll Over copy of the interactive objects, custom CTAs, a Brand Logo button, and Shop Later button that can redirect to a unique, embedded experience on the client’s website.

Integration Overview

  • The client provides the assets to be “Kerv’d” – must be a raw video format as Kerv hosts all assets
  • Kerv team will work with client to establish desired objects to be made interactive within the asset, as well as determining the Roll Over copy for each object and the linkouts to the desired landing pages for each
  • Once the client approves the final asset and copy, they will need to provide Kerv with any tracking pixels they want placed for any of the metrics they want to be pulled into their internal dashboard for monitoring 
  • Any revisions can be made to the asset or copy up to three days before campaign launch

Features & Benefits of Integration

  • Kerv is player agnostic
  • Kerv has established direct seats with SSPs allowing for more spend on media on behalf of clients
  • Extensive build-out of PMP networks with top, direct publishers
  • Creative hosting included
  • 1st party data included at no additional charge
  • Ad Serving through Kerv’s infrastructure
  • MRC Accredited Viewability
  • Pre/Post-Bid Fraud Detection by MRC Accredited vendors
  • 12 unique video metrics that provide dimensional feedback to the advertiser on what resonates with their users (standard video metrics also available). Kerv can optimize at the metric-level on each object individually all the way down to the user-level
  • Any object in a video can feature its own clickout, making the shopability of the client’s asset extremely dynamic

Pricing model is dependent on client’s needs in terms of audience, geos, environment, device, etc. No added cost for production or 1st party data transfer.

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