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Coull is a technology company that's reinventing the way online video advertising works, creating lucrative additional revenue streams for publishers and new opportunities for advertisers.

Coull's proprietary technology – Coull Vidlinkr – connects advertisers with premium publisher video inventory across a network that currently delivers 128m uniques and 799m video plays pcm.

Utilizing a unique approach to deep classification of video content Coull Vidlinkr delivers branded in-video overlays that are contextually relevant to your video content, the type of person watching it, how they access it and where they’re watching it. For Brightcove publishers Vidlinkr creates a lucrative additional revenue stream.

With access to 180+ markets globally, compatibility with IAB- standard ad formats, full programmatic integration and unique targeting opportunities, Coull Vidlinkr is the next evolution of online video advertising.


  • Open an entirely new advertising inventory from your video content
  • Simple integration, scalable monetization of your Brightcove videos
  • Contextual targeting of advertisers to your video content, delivering excellent eCPMs
  • Access to 'Coull Insights' - a user-friendly dashboard that let's you know exactly how users engage with your video content.

Your dedicated account manager will guide you through opening up a new revenue stream with Coull Vidlinkr to contextually monetize your premium video content. Please contact to discuss setting up your account.

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