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Partner Overview

CaptionHub is a collaborative cloud platform for transcribing, captioning and translating captions for video and audio using speech recognition, AI and an advanced proprietary workflow editor. Captions are frame accurate and using Natural Captions Technology to produce captions that ‘flow’ as humans speak. CaptionHub auto-generates captions and massively reduces turnaround time whilst producing perfect subtitles.

For translation, CaptionHub uses state of the art machine translation, massively speeding up the time to market for global videos, and more quickly reaching larger audiences.

Instantly caption videos to make them searchable by Google (improving SEO) and for audience maximisation in silent mode, for the hard of hearing and across language barriers.

Integration Overview

The CaptionHub integration for Brightcove was released in August 2018. The round trip integration allows CaptionHub users to select videos from Brightcove. Videos can then be auto-transcribed and auto-translated into 55 languages, instantly. Caption Hub's powerful workflow editor allows individuals and teams to edit, manage, approve and publish subtitles directly back to Brightcove.

1. Ensure you CaptionHub account is synced with your Brightcove account. Your CaptionHub SuperUser can set this up, or alternatively submit a ticket here: and your request will be actioned within a few hours.

2. In your CaptionHub Dashboard, select "Brightcove" from the "New Video" drop down. 

3. Once your video has been captioned appropriately, select "Publish" to send your caption sets to Brightcove.

Features & Benefits of Integration  

  • Immediate auto-transcription and auto-translation of any video or audio file 
  • Auto-transcription typically above 98% quality accuracy
  • Frame accurate captions, satisfying a broadcast standard and creating perfect captions
  • Powerful workflow editor for your in-house producers & linguists 
  • Burnt in / rendered subtitles for open captions 
  • Increase turnaround on manual or outsourced service alternatives by up to 800%
  • Immediately step-change your SEO performance by making video content searchable by Google 
  • Immediately satisfy accessibility obligations pertaining to captions and subtitles 
  • Subscription service - only pay for the number of minutes you caption

Demo Video

CaptionHub is a subscription pricing model, with no setup fee. Please contact us for our latest rate card.