How Entravision Consolidated More Than 200,000 Video Assets on One Platform – Ours

Entravision is a media company that connects advertisers with Hispanic audiences across 85 regional websites, each with its own specific content. When Federico Gagliardone and his team needed to move a massive library of more than 200,000 video assets onto one platform, they knew they faced a potentially challenging situation. Fortunately, Brightcove was able to make the migration smooth sailing, while keeping each file’s metadata intact.

Now that they’ve made the move, each of Entravision’s 25 account owners are able to maintain their own accounts, while being linked to Federico’s main account—a workflow improvement that made their jobs easier and empowered them to create a new video distribution strategy. They’re now able to serve targeted content to Entravision viewers, keeping them on site and engaged for longer.

Federico’s team is also taking advantage of out-of-the-box solutions like Brightcove Social and Video Cloud, plus partner solutions with Iris.TV and Akamai. Thanks to the Brightcove Player's lightning-fast load times, plus the IRIS.TV recommendation engine, Entravision has seen video views increase by 400% year over year. With Brightcove powering Entravision’s video initiatives, the future looks bright—Federico is even thinking about making the move into OTT, an opportunity that Brightcove made possible for his team.

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